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Being sued becasue my insurance didn't pay claim

by Aileen

I got into an accident last May and it was my fault. When I filed the claim with the insurance co.

What I told them I was making a left hand turn in the intersection when the pther party hit me. I was barley going 5 miles an hour and he was speeding because my car was totaled yet his was not.

I was clearly legally in the wrong since I was making the left turn even though he hit me. All this information was told to my insurance co.

I had liability so I wasn't looking for any money for my car. But they told me that they didn't pay the claim filed by the other company because I said he hit me! Now the other company is suing me!

Am I going to have to pay? Isn't that what I had insurance for? Shouldn't they pay the claim even though I said he hit me since I was making the left hand turn. And advice would be appreciated!



Hello Aileen,

Yes, this is what you pay insurance for. Submit all the documents to your insurance company as soon as you can. They are time sensitive and you want to make sure they have enough time to get a lawyer and give you a defense.

Remember, you can get suit not only because it is your fault, but it can be because the other person is making an injury claim or something to that effect. There are other reason why an insurance company can decline payment to the party you hit.

The insurance company must provide with a lawyer and pay any resulting judgment (as long as the judgment is within policy limits).

Good Luck,

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