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Being sued for rear end accident

by Jan

My inexperienced driver daughter rear ended another vehicle nearly 2 years ago. She was uninjured and the other driver seemed fine too.

The other driver has just now filed a lawsuit seeking an amount "in excess of $15000" for medical expenses and pain and suffering.

The summons also makes reference to possible future expenses. As her mother I was on the registration as a co-owner and I'm being sued too. In the interim we changed insurance companies to save money as I lost my job in March.

Will my old insurer pay for this? What is meant by "in excess of $15000"? Does that mean it could be much higher?

I have to answer a summons by November 30 and assume I need to hire a lawyer.
Can anyone tell me what to do? I'm really worried. We live in CT if that makes a difference.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


Hello Jan,

I am sorry about this. You do need an attorney and quickly. If you have insurance at the time of the accident on that vehicle she was driving and she was not excluded from the policy, there is a big probability that coverage does exists.

Usually, attorneys give a "blanket number" without knowing your policy limit or even estimating the total amount of damages. This could be a tactic to scare you. It really depends on what kind of damages she had. Contact an attorney if you have not done so.

Please see:

Good Luck,

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