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Best insurance company

by Tom

My wife recently had an accident and we had Geico insurance. It was very difficult to have a claims adjuster look at her car.

She had to take time off work to have it done. She had to drive an hour away from home and the adjuster was only available for 2 hours on Tuesday.

This was very poor service.

What companies have better service after an accident?




Hi Tom, Well,

This is an interesting question. What is the best insurance company? Well, it depends, USAA seems to get very good reviews and have strong reputation; however there are several people that report bad reviews.

Most big insurance companies have the same problems you outline, so it is kind of hard. Also, some insurance companies do not write business in every state, or some are smaller and they will only do one state, so it is kind of an unfair comparison.

I hope this helps any.

Please see our chart on who is the best insurance company and we encourage you to submit your experience. See our chart at:

Good Luck,

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