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BI claim , other driver at fault-no payment for medical bills until settlement

by Joe Frank
(Winston Salem)

In June 2009 a driver turned in front of me & was ticketed with failure to yield and suspended license.

My chiro tx for 3 months has not been paid by GMAC insurance to this date. The ins co claims they will not pay the medical bills until I settle with them. I had 4 bones out of place & still have pain from the accident. The chiro dr said i will need more tx on & off for several years.

The dr billed $2000 to gmac ins and they have not paid. My ins, geico, paid $1000 which is the max payable on my policy. I have been told i have to settle and they will then pay the chiro what is owed then send me the rest. what if i need surgery or more tx in the near future?

I have no medical ins and need to go now, but cannot affort it and the chiro dr wants their money, preferably before more tx is rendered, since the ins co at fault has not made any attempts at payment.

Geico and the chiro office have both told me that gmac should pay the bill and not withhold it until a settlement is reached.

I told gmac i may need to confer with a lawyer and was told,it doesn't matter, they will tell you what we told you-no payment on a bi claim until you sign a settlement with us. what should i do?


Hello Joe,

You are dealing with one of the "dirty" tactics of the game of insurance. There is probably nothing illegal about it (this should be a crime), but it leaves people like you in a very bad spot!

You have few options here. You can get a lawyer and have them deal with this and make the insurance company pay. Please see: please see:


You can learn the process and push the insurance company to pay what they owe you. This is a great resource here:

We suggest you to do both!
You can try to "persuade" the doctor to make a "formal lien" against your settlement against the at-fault insurance company. What this formal lien essentially does is put the doctor's interest first. In other words, the insurance company will have to pay the doctor before they pay you. The doctor will still have to pay until you settle (may take a long time), but at least this can be a solution to get the medical care you need. This might work if you can work with your provider.

I hope this helps,

Good Luck,

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