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bicyclist hits parked car

by Emily
(middletown maryland)

My car was parked on the street when a bicyclist ran into it leaving my mirror and side of my car scratched with a small dent. The insurance company is saying that it is considered a collision. The biker left immediately. Luckily the police were able to find him, and cited him with a hit and run and destruction to property. The guy (28 years old) lives at home with his parents.

The insurance company is telling me that it is not considered hit and run since there was no motor. Nor could it be filled under no insurance deductible

I feel as if this is false information. Any help would be appreciated
Please help


Hello Emily,

Wow, we don’t believe that for it to be a hit and run a “motor” is required. You need to look at your policy and see if the word “hit and run” is defined.

Most policies do not even use the word “hit and run.” They simply state that the under / uninsured motorist coverage applies when an uninsured driver or under insured driver hits you and cannot be indentified.

Some policies use the word “uninsured motorist” instead of uninsured “driver.” This could be an issue, however, you can argue that without a definition of the word motorist, a bicyclist could be consider a motorist. In addition, the bicyclist left, how does the insurance company know that the bicycle did not have a motor (nowdays, some bicycles do have small motors)?

Ask to see your policy and ask the insurance company to put their decision in writing.

Good Luck,

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