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Bike accident and injuries

by Harry
(Boca Raton Florida)

A car in Florida hit me on my bicycle. He blew a stop sign to beat coming traffic. I have no breaks but back neck rib pain and lost 2 weeks work so far. the guy was born 1926, I am 46.

I hate drs and hospitals. I have not yet got an attorney and do I need one.? he gets a big chunk I guess. By the way, if you saw the car 2008 lexus sedan, you would think I was killed. That's what fire rescue kept saying.

I am really injured, and though I am a really tough guy, I know I may feel this for the rest of my life.......What should I do?



Hello Harry,

Relax, first identify how much your claim will be worth.

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Then decide if a lawyer is worth the money. You will not know if you don't know how much the chunk is.

Good Luck,
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