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Billing for my time and gas money on insurance claim

by Wendy J

Our RV was side-swiped by a semi who swerved to miss a car that stopped abruptly in front of him.

We were on our way a state park for a camping vacation when it happened. The accident busted a window in the RV and we had to tape card board over it to keep out bugs and the cold weather.

We then spent the next 4 days of our 5 day vacation running around getting an estimate on the RV, going back to pick it up once the estimate was completed, and going to the library several times in the small town where we were visiting to try and pay for and print off a copy of the police report.

Once home, the insurance adjuster for the semi driver's insurance came to our house and took pictures. He asked for us to get another estimate closer to home since the other place was several hours from where we live. The closest place to us is still about 45 minutes away so we had to haul the RV over there and back.

We will then also have to haul it back over to be fixed and haul it home again. All of this is costing us a lot time and even more in gas. We wasted our whole vacation on this problem and we've had to leave work early to get the RV in to the dealership before they close.

My question is, can we recoup money from the insurance company for lost wages, gas money, money for the police report and our time?


Hello Wendy,

Gosh, this is a hard situation. Insurance companies will fight you to the nail to NOT pay for those expenses. You could get compensation for the gas and the hours you had to leave work early to take the RV in. You must show with time sheets that you were not at your place of employment because you were taking the RV. One of you could take the RV and not both at the same time.

The lost wages argument requires that you actually show that you had an actual loss and time in vacation is not the loss of a wage. This is very unfair and we hate to see people on your situation.

You should talk to an attorney and see if Indiana gives you extra protection regarding this issue.

Good Luck,
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