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Black Ice | Should I make a claim?

by Fallon

I was coming around the corner in my subdivision and while I was turning the corner I hit some black ice and slid into the curb.

There is some minor damage to my car. I want to know if I am at fault or not? If I am not at fault I can make a claim and they will cover everything.

I need help deciding whether or not I should make a claim


Hello Fallon,

Well, yes you are at fault (100% of it). One vehicle accidents are the fault of the driver. The fact that there was black ice means that the road conditions were not proper for the speed you were driving.

Will they cover everything? That will depend on your coverage. If you have collision coverage, they will likely cover you (mines your deductible). You are always responsible for your deductible.

The decision to make a claim is up to up to you. Please see this page:

Good Luck,

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