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Bodily injury claim question

by Mass

I have been getting physical therapy atreatments and doctor office visits thru my HMO with a $15 per visit each.

How would I present these charges when trying to settle final pain and suffering portion of compensation.
Should I convert then to these offices normal and customery fees for patients with no medical insurance/

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Usually the personal injury protection policy of the vehicles cover the medical bills. If there is no coverage there, then the health insurance provider will cover the bills (if there is no exclusions or anything different on those policies).

At the time of settlement, the insurance company will ask for all medical bills and records directly from the medical providers (they will as first for a medical authorization from). They will collect all of these documents and then evaluate your claim and try to settle with you for the pain and suffering.

You can decline to give the authorization from and collect these data yourself. Look over the records and decide which ones you provide. Let them review those and evaluate the claim.

At that point settlement negotiations can start.

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