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Bodily injury process against us?

by Darcy
(Modesto, CA)

My 18 year old daughter was involved in a traffic accident around the end of March. Everything was pretty cut and dry in the beginning.

My daughter was indeed at fault. She rear-ened the young lady in front of her at about 15mph. Clipped the left rear bumper.

The young lady car bumper was all that was involved, with little damage. All parties were unhurt. The young lady even said her father would probably not even want to report it.

Needless to say, it was reported. I checked the claim status around Apr 15 and it was closed. We wanted to change our ins. to a different company to get better coverage for the same amount I was paying with Geico.

I was contacted today, 4/29 and told that the claim is now reopened, and that the young lady is now claiming neck and back pain/spasms. My ins company is asking now for a recorded statement from my daughter, stating they are trying to protect our interest. What can I expect from this whole process?


Hello Darcy,

Well, you carry liability injury coverage, so it is your insurance company to protect your daughter against the insurance company liability. They will deal with the other party and settle for whatever pain and suffering there might be. They will also have to pay for medical bills if any. On your end, you probably want to make sure that you YOUR interest is protected, not the insurance company.

If they over pay the claim, they will jack your premium! They will report this on your cue report (report show to all insurance companies in case you change carriers).

We generally caution against recorded statements. See our discussion about recorded statements here:

Good Luck,

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