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Bodily Injury Settlement | What should I ask for?

by Chris

I have been speaking with Bennie, but he is on vacation. My wife was recently in a accident, and we have incurred some damages. She went through doctors visits and PT.

Well we have discovered that our total losses are around 3,270.15. 2,321.51 are medical bills alone. The rest is child care and lost wages. Well we sent a demand letter, and of course he said that it was ridiculous.

He then counter offered 1989.00 and medical costs. He said that they cover the medical bills through the insurance company, and that is not a part of our settlement. He basically told us to get a lawyer and he will be sending a offer for the original amount.

What should I do?


Hello Chris,

Get a lawyer. You have done very well on your own. You have stood up to the process and give them what you think. If they are telling you that you are being ridiculous and need a lawyer, they are trying to push you around.

If you decide to talk to a lawyer, tell the lawyer that you get the insurance company to give you 1989 + medical cost. You already got them to that point. This has been all you. You will pay them a contingency only on the amount that they get above that. Some attorneys will take it and some won’t, but at least you know that your work and hassle will at least be compensated at that amount.

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Good Luck,

Bodily Injury Settlement | What should I ask for?

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