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Brain injury settlement?

by Chris

A woman attempted to cross 6 lanes tying to cut in front of me to turn left.

I was clearly in control of the lane as she excellerated, crashed into my car going about 40mph and totaled both vehicles. Accident was 100% her fault. I already was permanently disabled from an inoperable brain tumor and complications from 2 brain surgeries, 4 years prior.

I had a very bruised arm and head pain from hitting the top of head on roof of car right where surgery is. I went to hospital, was released after 8 hours.

Have had severe headaches ever since. Recent MRI shows old tumor has grown a bit for the first time in four years. I was only paid $1500 for my '93 Honda Accord, (it was worth more, in my opinion but they refused my request).

Am now settling injury claim. Lost job and 3 months off from voc rehab retraining program I was in. Any idea on what a ballpark figure would be for personal injury settlement.

My brain injury does not show from outside so I feel they will not give it adequate consideration.


Hello Chris

I am truly to hear about your situation. You have a “crazy” claim/case in front of you. They owe you to put you back in the position you were. If your tumor or other conditions were aggravated by the accident, then they have to do everything they can to pay you “to put you back” in that position.

Your facts help you, the fact that the car was a total loss and the “extreme” negligence. Also, the fact that you lost your job will also help you.

Giving you a ballpark figure is very difficult. I do not have all your medical records and facts to even make an educated guess.

It is very difficult to say. However, you should really educate yourself on how to settle you injury claim. You should also contact an attorney (free consultation) to see if they believe your case is worth something in your local area.

Insurance companies will be pretty hard to deal with in the beginning, a good lawyer can help you along the process. If you do not want an attorney to help you, then at least consider getting a book on how to settle your injury claim.

Visit: for information on how to argue and settle our case yourself, but again an attorney can give you a hand. You should talk to one even if it is for the first hour of free consultation to see if you “brain” tumor can end up giving you a substantial settlement.

You might have a $100,000 claim and not even know it. To find a attorney on your area visit:

or ask a family member that can help you.

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