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Brand New car hit, only 1,000 miles by a Farmers Insurance Policy Holder

Someone backed into my brand new car, they took fault. They are with Farmer's Insurance, but Farmer's is trying to cut costs and do a cosmetic fix on my front bumper, they aren't even going to paint the whole thing only the part that was damaged and match it to the rest of the bumper.

My car is brand new, I feel that they should replace it with a brand new bumper. What are my options, this happened in Las Vegas, Nevada. I dropped the car off to my body shop on Friday, I'm now in a rental car. The body shop has submitted a change in estimate to cover the new bumper...

I want to be prepared in case Farmer's deny the new estimate. Thank you.



Well, the theory is that they will pay for what you had. Typically, cars are older and therefore, you deserve and older bumper. This his how insurance company get around getting you a newer part.

The issue you have (or the good thing) is that you had a new vehicle or very close to it. Therefore, they must give you a new bumper or very close to it (what you had).

Also, you may use diminished value as your argument to get the proper repair. Please see this page:

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