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broken sternum

I was a passenger in car struck by uninsured motorist who was decalred at fault in accident. Driver had no insurance; my brother's insurance co. is covering 80% of medical bills and state of Florida the remaining 20%. Total medical bills to date nearing $12000..

Taken to hospital and diagnosed w/broken sternum. It appears that there are no further heart or lung issues. Did not lose any days at work but ability to work was/is impaired. Will have to have additional x-rays in early January to check on healing process. Am told that healing process can up to a year.

What is the $$ amount of an appropriate offer from the insurance company which has offered to settle. I am 61 years old.



Hello there,

There is no correct answer here. There are way too many variables that come into play to determine how much you should be entitled for a broken sternum. Your age and the fact that your injury might decrease your ability to work might be worth quite some money. The state of Florida also has very different laws and regulations that might affect your settlement.

Because your settlement could be substantial and you are dealing with what it can be considered a permanent injury, you really need to talk to a lawyer. They will give you a much better understanding of the process and can help you settle for what it is rightfully yours. Try to consult with an attorney, first consultation is free and they can ask more details and give you a good answer.

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Good Luck

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