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Bumped into a parked car | Now bills for over 2k!

by Nicole
(Houston, Texas )

At the beginning of the year I had just bought a used car cash. I needed to run an urgent errand. Well as I reversed to leave the pavilion bumped into a parked car.

It was a new car and my bumper hit the passenger door and left a slight indent, with no creases. At the time I had no insurance I waited for months for a bill and called constantly they said there were no damages to be paid.

Now they send me a bill nearly 6 months later and it's for $2294.77 what should i do? I think its way to much money for a little scratch. Should I consult a lawyer?

Or handle it my self, can I request the information to the incident such as the estimate and the bills from the dealer?

Thank You,


Hello Nicole,

Consulting with a competent lawyer is always a good idea. You have a right to see the repair estimates and the bill.

If you believe this is too much money, then you can try to settle it for less. If they do not want to do this, they can turn it into their insurance (which will come after you). Usually, insurance companies are much apt to write things off than a private party.

To learn how to dispute an estimate, please see:

Good Luck,

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