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Can a car accident lead to trasmission damage?

Someone tried to make a left turn from far lane and crashed into me and was ticketed and charged with the accident.

Can a car wreck damage your transmission and how can you get a claim on the damage to the transmission as well as the body damage?



Well, this is difficult. The insurance company will argue that you had "mechanical break down." This means that they will "exclude" coverage as the accident did not cause it.

You can argue that

1. this was a direct result of the accident, and
2. that even if this was mechanical breakdown, it was caused by the collision.

At any rate, the insurance company will have to show (note, they have to show, not you) but investigation that your transmission was bad or was about to fail. They will probably fight on this.

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Comments for Can a car accident lead to trasmission damage?

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Feb 27, 2012
not a rare thing
by: Anonymous

This senario of automatic transmisson damage from a rear end collision is not as rare as you think. I know of two cases mine, and another both having the same problems. The rear bearing on the transmission was cracked when the drive shaft on my truck got pushed forward. It failed and split after driving truck for two months. It happened to me and same thing on a suburban under the same circumstances.

Nov 11, 2011
Not Likely Related
by: Anonymous

Actually most insurance companies will determine the causation of the transmission failure and unless there is a major impact to your vehicle, the issue is likely coincidental and not related to a loss. Without getting into a long disertation of the mechanical dynamics of a standard and/or automatic transmission(s) I can say it is very rare for an accident to cause physical damage. Good luck.

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