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Can a hit on the left passenger door cause damage to front bumper?

by Linda
(Conyers, GA)

I was involved in an accident 3 days after the purchase of a 2007 TrailBlazer on a 5 line interstate hwy. The other car was changing lanes going to the right and did not clear my vehicle before doing so.

We were both traveling about 60 miles per hour. It really rocked my vehicle and it was all I could do not to hit the vehicle on my right. It dented my left passenger door and my front bumper is hanging low. Knocked loose from the body.

The adjuster only put a claim in for my door and not the bumper. He says it's impossible to get damage to my bumper according to where their client hit me.

They refused to have my bumper fixed and tells me I had to hit something in order for my bumper to be damaged.

I have not hit anything and the bumper did not drop until the accident. He states the physics does not support the claim.

Is there anything I can do?

My insurance company only suggested that I get an independent adjuster and speak with a supervisor of the other insurance company.

I know I did not run into anything but they will not budge and my insurance company, Central Insurance, is useless.


Hello Linda,

Well, it's a difficult claim because it would normally not make sense that this occurs this way. HOWEVER, at that speed, it's hard to know for sure that this is or not related.

In addition, what is not to say that you did hit something when you were trying to avoid/or during the collision? It's a matter of perception.

I take it that your own insurance company is not covering the damage to the bumper? If they did, they would be looking to take the other carrier to arbitration. Please see:

If this is not satisfactory, you can hire an attorney to go after their client. You were in an accident at that speed and now your bumper is not attached to the car.

You can also either take the other party to smalls claims court, see:

And you could also see if you can file a complaint with the insurance commissioner.
Those are a few of your options.

I hope this helps.

Good Luck,
Auto Insurance Claim Advice
Spokane Washington

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