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Can a lawyer deal with total loss?

by Ashley
(Fresno Ca)

Is it my lawyers responsibility to deal with the adjuster and negotiate a higher amount for a total loss?

Can I keep my car if they pay for a total loss, because the amount they pay doesn't match the dealer prices for the same exact vehicle?

I live in Ca and the accident was not my fault.

I feel like this is a big hassle that I shouldn't even have to deal with because of THEIR client and they should pay the most money they can for me to get another reliable car? );

ps I have a Ford f150 super cab. The door driver door needs to be replaced, the radiator and the windshield that's it ...


Hello Ashley,

Well, it depends on your agreement with your attorney. Most attorneys only deal with the Bodily Injury and not the total loss or the property damage. You will have to look at the fee agreement and see if your lawyer agreed to protect you. Can they do it? Sure they can, but only if they agreed to do it.

If you are dealing with your own total loss, please see:

Please see:

I hope this helps

Good Luck,

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