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Can I ask my own auto insurance to be involved in?

by Ryan

My car insurance has only bodily injury and property damage coverage.

I got minor injuries and car total loss in an auto accident. The other car is at fault. I have not reported my own insurance about the accident because it may be unnecessary.

I wonder whether I can ask my own insurance to represent me demand compensation from the other car insurance or my own insurance will not be involved in at all under such a circumstance?


Hello Ryan,

Sounds like you do not have Personal Injury Protection (PIP) or medical coverage, which would cover any of your injuries.

Usually, if this is the case (you had this coverage), the insurance company will pay your medical expenses and then go after the person that hit you (or their insurance company) for the medical bills.

You would have to go after them for pain and suffering and other expenses (sometimes loss wages, and others).

If you do no have these coverages, then you are paying for your medical expenses out of pocket and then going after the insurance company of the person that hit you.

Your insurance company can instruct you on how to do that, but they cannot give you legal advice. They are not a law firm, meaning that they can hire an attorney to defend you. That is their agreement to defend you against you getting suit for something you did that is your fault.

They did not agree to hire an attorney or to help you go after someone else because of their fault.

They only do this if and only if they paid damages out of pocket (when you have the coverage). In other words, they are a defense and not an offense mechanism.

I am not sure if this is clear or no, but it sounds like you will probably have to defend yourself. You can do this by checking with an attorney and by checking for more information about how to defend your rights and how to proceed.

Good Luck

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