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Can I collect the repair costs in cash instead of getting my car repaired?

I was in a minor accident (just under $500 damage to my car, probably a bit more to her car - pieces were falling off).

The person following me hit the rear of my vehicle. She received two tickets for the accident.

I had damage to the bumper and whiplash.

I was considering buying a different car next year.

Can I ask for the repair costs in cash instead of getting the bumper repaired?



Yes, you can be paid in cash for your damages. You can elect to fix the car or not. This only applies if the car is free an clear and you do not owe a bank or anyone else for it.

If you owe a bank, the insurance company will probably pay the bank and not you. That amount will be deducted from your loan. If there is any excess, then they will (the bank) give you the excess.

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