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Can i get the check made out to me after a car accident?

I am trying to get a check made out to me for damage on my truck. I got 2 estimates and told them I would take the lower estimate but was not sure who I was going to get to repair my car.

I asked to have the check made out to me they did not say that was going to be a problem. when I got the check it was in my name and the company I got the estimate from.

I am now trying to get them to send me a new check and send back the old check and they have not returning my call. I live in Pennsylvania and am dealing with all state the amount of damage is $1,350.00 should this be a problem?

I am thinking of calling my lawyer.



The answer depends on how you own your vehicle. If you have a bank loan, the auto policy requires that the insurance company protects the line holder (the bank). They will have to issue a check to you and to the bank or a check to you and to the bodyshop (that way they know the car is fixed and the bank interest is protected).

If you have no loans and own this car outright, then the payment can be made directly to you. Try to contact them against and see what is the issue, if they don't answer, contact a lawyer in your area.

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