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Can I get the reimburesment check directly to me?

by Mike
(Camarillo, CA 93010)

I was rear ended by a driver insured by Geico. The drive admits fault and Geico says they will take care of it. Damages to my car - over $7500 plus pain in our backs for my wife and I.

Geico sent us to a sleezy adjuster who said the damager was "nothin'" and wrote up $2500. Now they want us to go to their auto repair facility at some distance away and drop off the car. We will get a rental and the same sleezy adjuster guy will handle the situation.

We said no to that and filed a claim with our insurance company, State Farm.

Question - can I get the best estimate and receive a check directly from my insurance company. I will get the car fixed later or just enough to get by for now.

Geico has offered $500 each for my wife and I for pain and suffering and saw we can take the money and see a doctor.

Now that I have filed a claim with my own insurance company, can I still take a check for pain and suffering from Geico (It will have to be more than $500)

Thanks for any help you might give us.



Yeah, dealing with your own insurance will not preclude you from getting payments for pain and suffering from Geico. You insurance company will pay your medical bills first. Then, when you settle (get your payment for pain and suffering), the Geico will pay State farm for the medical expenses.

As far as the vehicle, sounds like you are better of by going to with State Farm.

Good Luck

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Dec 04, 2011
Ins Check and Honda
by: Anonymous

My Insurance company said my claims check will be issued to Honda then once my care is fixed Honda will issue me the check. I have never heard of such. Honda is the lein holder but the car is not total loss.

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