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Can I keep my car do my own repairs to avoid insurance company from totaling car?

by Tom
(Pennsylvania )

I was rear ended. The car has good inspection stickers until May 2010. The insurance company is only willing to give 900.00 dollars for the car and declare it totaled. If I refuse to cash their check can I make the repairs myself and get it approved by a mechanic in order to keep driving the car until next inspection.

I have all the parts for $300 and I can have everything welded using my own welder. The car is drivable.

It is at my home, I drove it home from the accident. I bought used bumper asy, a new tail light panel, and new quarter panel. Does the insurance company have the right to turn it into the PA DMV as totaled and take the car away from me? Car i drive it if I do all my own work and keep the title as a clean car if re-inspected?



You need to contact the department of insurance and the DMV of your state. Ask them what the process for totaling a car is. Also ask if you can fix it. The problem here is that some states will require the insurance company total the car, branding your title. This applies even if you do not cash the check.

Also, ask them if you do fix it, can you have it re inspected or what is their perspective on that.

We are sorry we cannot guide you more but this is very specific to your state.

Good Luck,

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