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Can I Sue the Dealership Car I was In?

I was in a car accident in 7/2007. My brother is the owner of a dealership, so he was driving one of the car from the dealership. We were at a stop light and all of a sudden a car rear-ended us.

The accident caused to have herinated discs through out my whole back. The person that hit us didn't have insurance and i don't know if i can sue the insurance was on the dealership car.


You can sue anyone you want, however, your chances of success are low, very low. From the facts that you gave us, it sounds like the person who rear ended you is 100% at fault. That is the only person that you be liable to you.

If anything, the driver of your the (your brother) would owe you for his negligence if he was at fault at all for the accident, you would have a claim against him. From the facts you gave me, it is hard to see how the dealership is responsible for the accident or the injuries.

To learn how insurance claims determine liability, please see:

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