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Can two unmarried people buy a joint auto insurance policy?

by Kristen

Can two unmarried people buy a joint auto insurance policy?


Yes, they can. Some insurance companies will look very close at things like (living together) and or some kind of connection of why you are doing this together (parent - child, or boyfriend girlfriend). The kicker will be the living situation.

You both would be policy holders and both would have rights under the policy.

If A is the sole owner of a car, and A and B are in the policy, B would have rights to the payments from insurance a a named insured in the policy.

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Follow up question

Thanks for the answer...

I was asking in regards to my husband, who I think purchased a joint policy with his that possible?


Hi, ok... that makes the answer a maybe. They can always buy a policy, the question is if the policy would actually be effective for both of them.

Assuming that the siblings have different households (they don't live together), they both would have to have some kind of insurable interest on the property they are insuring.

In other words, both siblings have to legally "lose" something if anything were to happen to the property. In most cases, they must be joint owners of a car (both on the title or the registration); if something happens to the car, they both would lose some value on the vehicle.

To make sure that both of them are protected, they both have to have a stake on the underlying property. If only one of them has the title or the ownership, only that brother would be covered and it is possible that the insurance company will not cover the rights of the other brother.

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