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Car accident and uninsured motorist coverage

by Lynn

I was a passenger in a friends car that was rear ended in Sept. 2008. The car that hit us was uninsured.

The uninsured motorist coverage on friends policy is covering the claim. I have been seeing physiatrist once a month and doing physical therapy 2x week since October. I have lost wages of appx. $8000.

Because of this I got way behind on bills. My car was just repossessed. I am hoping they will let me pay the past due and get car back. People are saying that is doubtful and I'll have to pay full amount due. (over $10,000). I have been sick over this for days and my migraines have flaired up etc.

The physical impact is nothing compared to the fact that I work 25 miles from home, have children to get around to school etc. I don't know what to do. I still have a month of PT left and then another appt. with pain doctor.

Then they reevaluate. Am I now forced to settle claim early so I have money to try to get my car. But I think I'll only have a short period to come up with money for them or they'll sell my car. Is this situation going to be considered as emotional distress on settlement of claim.

If it wasn't for this accident none of this would have happened. Plus I almost lost my job due to missing work. It has been a terrible situation all around. Please give me any advice you have. Thank you so much.


Hi Lynn,

I am truly sorry about your story. Your situation is a difficult one. Visit: to read more about injury claims and the type of claims you can make.

I will tell you that your claim about the vehicle will be very highly disputed. They will not want to take into account that you were put in a very bad spot because of the accident.

They also have nothing to lose. You cannot sue their client (i.e. the driver) since that person was not at fault. You can only sue the person that hit you, in which case they do not care (he is not their client).

Insurance companies will argue that is not their fault that your finances were not ready for an emergency or that your car was not paid of. This very unfair, I know, but insurance companies seem to be able to get around this.

You are in a very bad situation, and you could end up losing more by settling early. The best suggestion I can make is to talk to a lawyer.

The first interview is free. Lawyers do have a strong influence and they can help you get more for your injuries. Also, they can help you with the vehicle issue, they are good negotiators and it is possible that they can help you get good terms on that.

You are right, nothing like this would have occurred but/for this accident. Make sure that the insurance company understand this.

I hope this helps some and clears up the process a little.

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