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Car Accident Claims


You can file car accident claims if the other party involved in the accident was responsible for or partially liable for the auto collision. You are allowed to file an insurance claim for the following:

  • Damages to property – This includes the repairs and/or replacement of your motor vehicle.
  • For the amount of damages that are in excess of the coverage limits of your insurance policy
  • Loss of earnings capacity - You can file a claim for the reduction of future earnings because of the accident.
  • Transportation costs – You can file a claim for the transportation fares you had to pay because of the damages to your vehicle.
  • Personal injury

After you have filed your car accident claims, an insurance adjuster will be in touch with you shortly. In an accident where bodily injuries are involved, your claims adjuster has a protocol to follow in dealing with the other party's insurance company. This allows for the swift resolution of your insurance claim.


Your insurance adjuster will have to write the other insurance company a letter informing them that the injuries you sustained were due to the negligence of their insured. The letter will also include a summary of your injuries and an estimate of your losses.

The other insurance company is allowed 21 days from the date of receipt of the letter to send a reply to you.

If the other driver is insured, his insurance company will handle the car accident claims process for him. They are given three months to give a confirmation on whether or not they are willing to settle the claim. Usually, simple insurance claims take less than three months to settle.


Your insurance company then will have a medical expert examine you. Their medical report should include the details of your injuries and also a list of the medical care you have received and the medical care you will need. Their prognosis of your injuries should also be included in the medical report.

Upon the receipt of the medical report and after having an estimation of all your losses, your claims adjuster will now have an idea on the value of your car accident claim. It is then that they are now ready to negotiate a settlement offer for your claim.

If you cannot agree with the settlement amount offered by the insurance company, you can take legal action and sue the other insurance company's insured – the other driver.


Auto collisions can be so traumatic and the car accident claims process can add to the stress you are already suffering from. Because an auto collision can happen when least expected, it is wise to be ready for the unknown. Keep a camera in your vehicle. You might need to take pictures of an accident scene. Have a pen and a notepad handy. You might have to jot down important information like the names, contact information and insurance information of the persons involved in the accident and of any possible witnesses.

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