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Car accident fault - changed his story!

I was waiting for a parking spot and the person behind my hit my car. He started screaming and then told me whatever...that he would pay and we exchanged insurance information.

I felt very intimidated as he was a big guy and I am a petite girl. I told him I would call the cops and he said no need to call the cops. Then the insurance company later told me that he claims I reversed into his car. I am very angry that he would lie and I don't think there were any witnesses.

I have an excellent driving record and he does not. What are my options the damage to my back bumper is probably 400.dollars.

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Well, I often tell everyone here that it is not what happened, but what you can prove happened.

This is the case here. Without a police report and no witnesses, it will be your word against his. I know this is not very encouraging, but unless you can show either by how the vehicles were damaged or some other evidence, this may be a 50% split.

You need to contact your insurance company and see if they can help you defend his accusation.

For more information about fault, please see:

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