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Car accident injuries

by Andre

Good day. I was in a car accident where the other party was at fault.

She made a left turn at the intersection when she was suppose to yield. My car was t-boned and totaled. The 16 year old girl received a ticket from the police officer.

This happened in Florida. After about a year of chiropractic care, i ended up getting endoscopic back surgery. She had Progressive and was covered up to 100,000.

I also had Progressive, so yes, not really looking out for me. My lawyer gets 33%.

My medical bills with surgery will be about 45,000... I get left with the rest..20,000...This is what im guessing based on that my lawyer expects the full 100,000 he is asking for. Fl is a no-fault state.

I have a herniated disk in the L5 area which was degenerative, herniated, and portruding.

I was told, the surgery will make it better, but it will never be 100%. Is this the most i can ask for since the other persons policy covered up to 100,000?

Also, Is their any way i can have my health insurance pay for the cost of surgery and i end up with the extra insurance money? I have Aetna, choice POS 2, through marriott. Thanks!


You can always go after the person regardless of policy limits. The problem is that the insurance company will not settle (give you the money) if you do not give them a release (a contract showing that you will not sue the at fault party).

You are in a hard situation and really, you need an attorney that can do some good lawyering and look at all policies, including your health insurance, and the local Florida regulation to be able to answer.

Discuss with your attorney what any other sources of income you could have or if your claim will be barred after $100,000.

Good Luck
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