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Car accident | Other party had no insurance

My husband was in a car accident and it was the other driver fault.

At the time of the accident the police said that they took this person to the hospital and that the reason they did not check for insurance.

I am supposed to meet with him today to settle on a settlement for my car was total and I had only liability insurance on it because it was an older car.

How do I need to handle this I lost wages and my husband went to the emergency room and got check out, he is still in pain I want to settle out of court so what do I ask for from him.

Answer to Car accident | other party had no insurance


It looks like you don’t have full coverage, but you may have Personal Injury Protection (PIP). Personal Injury Protection will have to cover your medical bills, if any. Some PIP will have some wage loss coverage. It is important to look at your policy and determine if you and your husband have that coverage.

You want your insurance company involved if there are injuries. You also want to make sure you don’t have uninsured motorist coverage. Of course, you want to contact an attorney about this.

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