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Car Accident we were in on oct.3 09-Advice needed

by Lisa B.

My husband and I were in a accident on 10-3-09.a 77 yr old lady pulled out right in front of us as we were going down the road.

We were going the speed limit at 50. She pulled out so fast that there was no time to it was a hard hit. It totaled both of our vehicles. we were in a full size truck and she was in a Buick regal.I was injured with multiple severe bruises and cuts. she was trapped in her car and injured as well.

Both of us were taking to the hospital by ambulance. She is still in the hospital in ICU and doing good they say.our police report says she was cited with failure to yield with right of way.

My husband wasn't cited for anything. we have full insurance coverage on our truck ans we just found out that the lil lady we hit doesn't have any? So were do we go from here.

Our insurance co is having problems trying to get any info on our truck. Both cars were impounded by the city police.

Does anyone know why they would do that except for bodily injury?

My husband was given a drug and alcohol test and both came back negative.

He has never done anything of that nature. I just don't know why they have our truck and how long will it take before we can get it??

Please if anyone can shed some light on this.I would really appreciate the help.

Thanks so much Lisa


Hello Lisa,

WOW - sorry to hear about this accident. Well, the fact the police gave your husband an alcohol/drug test means that they might be concern with his reaction to the accident. It is good that it came back negative, but they might be concern with the fact that his reaction might not have been "reasonable"? This is a suggestion to what can be possibly be happening.

The issue of fault should be resolve fairly fast, however, the issue of injury might give you problems. Likely, you have PIP coverage on your policy, which will take care of your medical bills (you and your husbands) up to the limit of your limits. The pain and suffering portion will have to be covered under you Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury Coverage, please see:

If you do not carry this coverage, then you might have a problem dealing directly with the old lady.

You are strongly encourage to talk to an attorney, please see:

Good Luck,

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