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Car accident while having a current past injury | Please help

by Nick

I got in an accident and the other driver was at fault. 100%, I recently had back surgery on my spine and in the wreck I had whiplash and my neck and back are stiff and in pain.

The insurance adjuster has offered me 1750.00. I was wondering since im in a lawsuit with my prior accident, should i pursue this further for better compensation of the added pain due to this accident and will that effect my other case by any means......

I also only went to the er. but only once due to the wreck, the adjuster said that due to the fact i only went for 1 visit to the er she couldn't offer me a lot.


Hello Nick,

Well, just because you have a prior accident it does not mean that you are not entitled to more. $1,750 seems low, but this is up to you.

A prior injury could increase your settlement!

You can try to pursue this more and see where it takes you.

By the way, adjusters cannot offer more? They always can.

You need to talk to an attorney, if you cannot or it is too expensive, you should read this book:

Good Luck,

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