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Car accident with wild pigs

by Ken

I recently hit a tree trying to avoid hitting a family of wild pigs crossing the road .

I have full coverage but not sure how ins company looks at that if my car is total witch it looks like it might be will i be covered cause I ran in to the tree?



Hi Ken,

If you have full coverage, this usually means that you carry Comprehensive and Collision coverage. Comprehensive will cover you for hits against animals (and other things), Collision will cover you against hitting objects (non animals) like a tree.

Sounds that you hit the tree (and did no touch the wild pigs) so you probably will be covered under collision.

Collision usually has a higher deductible than comprehensive, but it might no be your case. Running into a tree is covered even in the case that you described above and even if the vehicle is total unless the policy excludes the driver (you) and/or in other situations like "driving under the influence" which is not your case.

You should not have any problems there.

To read more about collision coverage, visit:

Good Luck,

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