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Car damages and big tow and storage bill

by Hope

My husband was in an accident in which he ran into a car and the car behind him hit him. He wasn't ticketed but the police report said that he hit the car in front and then the car behind him hit him.

Our insurance paid for the damage to the car in front of him. We waited 2 months to hear back from the person's insurance concerning liability. During that time our jeep has been in a tow yard accruing a large bill.

Now they're saying that there was only minor damage to the back and they will only pay to replace the bumper. They also will not take care of the tow yard bill because they said we should have moved it somewhere. We didn't move it because we were waiting to hear back from them concerning liability.

Should they at least be responsible to pay the tow yard charge as well as the damage to the back? Thanks for your help!

Answer to Car damages and big tow and storage bill

Hello Hope,

I am sorry to hear about this. Well, you do have a duty to mitigate your damages. There is no much around that. HOWEVER, they are also party responsible. I don't think it would be fair to leave you with the entire bill.

Now, your husband is at least liable for the front en collision, so the liability argument may not be as strong as if they hit him and left him there. Write to them asking them to cover the bill. If they decline, then move on and file a complaint with the department of insurance.

Good Luck
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