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Car damge due to non respectful neighbors

My roommate has been experiencing damage to the sides of her car due to a neighbor who is not very respectful of other peoples properties.

Currently she has some of the paint rubbed onto her car from them slamming the door into her car, and this morning on her passenger side she found a small dent/hole because the neighbor had parked so close that it was amazing she even got out of the car.
Can she legally claim that against the neighbors car insurance or hers? Will she have to worry about it causing her insurance to go up?



Your friend can make a claim anytime. The question is "will she get paid for it?"

Well, the problem is that without a police report or a witness, it will be very hard to show that she in fact cause the damage. If you took pictures, that could be a good way to prove your damages.

Every claim has the ability to raise your rates, please see:

Claim v. Rates for more information about this.

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