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Car door ding claim denied

by Nor

Other party's insurance Unitrin denied my claim saying they can't contact them for verification.

They said they called and sent letter but no replies so my claim is denied.

Was my neighbor, parked next to my car and when I came out I saw dent but she refused to give me her info's so I had to call the police. They came and told her its the law. Now she's moved.

Is there anything I can do at this point?? I took pictures.


Hello Nor,

You can file a claim against your own policy and let go after her or you can file a formal small claims lawsuit.

You could do both. She would have to come to court and explain to the judge if she did or did not cause the damage. If she did or the judge finds that she did, then insurance company will have to provide coverage.

Please see:

Good Luck,
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