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Car drove into my driver side door!

I was parked in a parking spot, within the white lines in the center. No one was to the left of me, so I took my seat belt off, checked once more, and slowly opened my door as I usually do. All of a sudden, i feel a knock on my door, and look down and see that someone has just driven into my door.

I now have a big bump on the side of my door and is noticeable and paint has chipped.

As I was about to open the door, I did check to make sure nothing was in my way.

I don't even think my door made it out of the white lines.

Officer said no one was at fault, but I feel as though the other driver could have stopped if she had seen that my door was open.... and also, how did she manage to drive into my door if the door was barley even open, and still not be at blame for this accident.

My insurance stated that they will try to file a claim with her insurance, but it is a very hard situation to decipher who was at fault and who is not.

What is your take on this?



Well, it is likely your fault. At least the great majority. Bottom line is that the person getting out must look and check AND not get out or open the door if a car is coming. If you check, but did not see anyone, then the "checking" was not done correctly. The insurance company will likely argue you simply were not paying attention.

To make matters worse, you do have a police report against you.

At any rate, the other vehicle may also be liable, but it will be a question of how much!

See our section on fault here:

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