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Car hail damage claim | 3 storms and 3 deductibles?

by Katie
(Albany, NY usa)

3 hail storms in my area in a couple of weeks back in summer.

I didn't realize that dimples all over car would be covered under my comprehensive. I was at mechanic's yesterday for tuneup when he advised me to file claim.

I called insurance company and they filed 3 claims!!! and want to charge me 3 deductibles for (1) repair. is this legal, fair, kosher, right, allowed? :(


Hello Katie,

Well, it's not fair, but it is both allowed and legal.

Most insurance companies only provide coverage per occurrence. In your case, the 3 different storms caused the damage (1 damage). 3 events equals three deductible.

Look at our policy and make sure that it reads that way. Look at it and look for the word event and/or how the comprehensive coverage should be covered.

It's not all lost. You can appeal to the reason of the adjuster (we stop appealing to reason with them, but may be you will have better luck). As you said, this is 1 damage if this is 1 storm or 3 storms. If you were to file each claim when it occurred, then they would have to pay your damages three different times.

You actually mitigated the damages by filling at the end of the storm season and by this, you should not be penalized. Again, it's an argument you can make and see if the adjuster will waive your deductible (at least 1).

I hope this help.

Read more about comprehensive coverage here:

Good Luck,

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