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Car hit by landlord | L does not want to pay

by Tenant

My car was scratched by the landlord. At the beginning, we agreed to deal with this privately.

I didn't call police or claim to the insurance. however, she kept dragging this issue for over a month, then i decided to report this to the police. but the police told me that she sold the car! what can i do get the compensation form her?


You can call her insurance. The policy was active at the time and so they would have to investigate (unless she does not have a policy).

If the police does not want to give you a report. Go in the police station (closest to you location) and file a walk-in report regarding the incident. Then call her and ask for payment, ff the landlord does not move forward (she does not have insurance or does not give it to you), then you can file a complaint in small claims court.

The fact that she sold the car does not mean she was not negligence. She owes for your damages.

You can get compensation against her insurance or in court.

Good Luck

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