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Car hit while parked for the night

by Dave

My cousin lives in New York and has State Farm comprehensive coverage. This morning he came out to his car (which had been parked on the street) and discovered that it had been hit during the night.

The car is totalled. Is the damage covered by his comprehensive policy? I know collisions aren't covered but in this case it happened when the car was parked. We're unsure of what to do...


Hello Dave,

Sorry to hear about your cousin's situation.

Comprehensive coverage applies not on how the car was used or position (i.e. parked or moving), but on how the vehicle was hit. See a detailed explanation of comprehensive coverage here.

Usually, coverage is only granted if you can show 1. that the vehicle was hit by an animal (i.e. deer, cows, dogs, chickens) or 2. A falling object like a tree falling on your car (telephone poles will also work).

You have to read your policy carefully to determine if there is coverage for your situation, but usually hit and runs like the one you describe are usually covered.

Good Luck,

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