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Car hits deer | damages and coverage

by Tammy

I have liability insurance on my car, loaned it to a friend who hit a deer,she says i have full coverage don't worry i will get it fixed, her insurance says no, it has to go through my does this work, will her insurance pay for damages since she was driving ?


Hello Tammy,

Very difficult question. The question is it truly depends on what both insurance policies exactly says. The problem here is that your friend hit a deer, which is a comprehensive type of coverage. This coverage might not transfer to other vehicles that she was driving (only her covered vehicle).

You can probably have coverage under two theories. 1. She was driving, her insurance is secondary to yours. There is no coverage under your policy (you only have liability), therefore, the secondary insurance should cover you.

2. You can argue that her liability coverage should apply, because she is liable to you in this car accident hat she caused in your car (often, deer are not at fault). Again, a difficult claim to make but without the actual policies it is very hard to say.

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