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Car in accident then was stolen

by Tracey

My brother was driving my car and was involved in an accident deemed to be his fault.

The car was left at the scene until collection was arranged, when we went back the car had been stolen, all has been reported to the police and the insurance company said we had to make a second claim.

Does this mean they will pay out for the car?


Hello Tracy,

Well, unless the car is recovered "most likely yes."

The issue will depend on what coverages you have (and what deductibles). These are two unrelated losses, and thus, the insurance company will argue that two deductibles need to be taken (one under collision and one under comprehensive -- if you carry these coverages).

There lies the problem. The insurance company never fixed the car (from the impact), so why should the charge a deductible for that? It's an argument that you can make. They will likely try to take both.

I hope this helps

Good Luck,

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