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Car infront hit car infront, we hit the | fault

by Brenda

Car in front of my husband hit car in front of them, my husband hit the 2nd car then car behind my husband hit my husband. Who is responsible for rental car.

The one that hit my husband said they aren't sure if they are we only have liability ins. on the car but my husband needs to get to work.


Hi Brenda,

Usually who ever hits for behind pays. In this case, it is possible that you husband will be partially at fault for his own damages. The theory is that there is a wreck in front of you, and you cannot stop, it means that you are either going too fast for conditions or you are following too closely (both or either a violation of traffic laws).

They will probably make his insurance pay for the damages caused to the rear end of the vehicle in front. You will probably have to pay your own front damage (unless you have collision, which if you do then your insurance would pay that) and the person that hit you from behind would have to pay for your rear end damage if any.

This can get complicated if your front damage will take a lot longer to fix than the rear end damage. If the rear end damage will take 5 days to fix, then the car in the rear end would owe you the rental for 5 days. If however, the rear end damage takes 5 days and the front end damage takes 10, then the rear end vehicle insurance would owe you 5 days of rental and you would be on your own for the other extra 5.

I know this is unfortunate, It is not your fault that people in front of you get in an accident and you cannot possibly avoid the situation, however insurance companies are pretty strong on their stand that "who pays from behind pays." That is how you seek compensation for your rental car, from the vehicle behind. You can also try to go after the vehicle that initiated the chain reaction, but they will probably point you to that law. However, it is worth a shot.

Good Luck,

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