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Car insurance booted me off coverage

by vishal

I'm a 20 year old full time university student. In the past 4 months i was involved in two car collisions. Both, i've been held at fault by the insurance company.

First accident, the officer layed no blame because the car infront of me made an illegal u-turn causing a chain-reaction. I was at the back of the pack, and since i was driving a van the momentum was great enough to cause it to skid several feet and slam into the car. i was helt at fauly b/c the representative told me the highway traffic act holds me responsible.

The second, i remember vividly. I was approaching an intersection, it still had a green light - drove through, however a taxi cab entered the intersection from east and i smashed right into him. One witness saying i went through a red-light, however, i know there werent any witnesses at the time.

They came after they heard the accident. I know i had a green. The officer had no choice but to give me a ticket for careless driving. Several days later i was booted off my insurance company. It sucks and im stressed out. The next several years i might not be able to drive and im 20! i'll be married by then!

Other insurance companies are charging way too much for my parents to afford. I know there are loopholes in those policies - there must be something i can do or say. Please help.

p.s: the second accident - those lights are known to switch rather quickly. I noticed the instance where i was crossing the road and the light literally jumped from green to red, barely staying at orange for 1 second. i tried to explain this to the paralegal however they didnt provide much help. punks.

p.p.s: is there any temporary insurance i can get. Perhaps something that will just cover me so i'll be able to drive. no extra special coverage?


Hello Vishal,

Well, you must try to fight your accidents if you can. In both situations you would be at fault per insurance (first one, you did not keep a safe distance to stop on time in case of an emergency or someone doing something like what the other driver did, second one you ran a light, even if you know you did not, you have witnesses against you with no objective dispute which equals to: you ran a light).

Insurance companies are free to not insure any one. They might determine that you are too much of a risk and they are not require to insure you.

There are special policies for high risk drivers (like SR22 form for drunk drivers). They are an option but they are very expensive.

To fight fault, you can visit for tips on how to do it.

The best advice here after fighting your liability (if you can) is to shop and shop and shop some more. Start with sites like: and try other ones.

Someone will give you a decent rate. There are hundreds of companies out there. You have not had a "DUI" or bad accidents (where someone was badly hurt).

I hope this help some.

Good Luck,

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