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Car Rental entitled from at fault insurance? Am I entitled to money?

by Cristobal
(Houston, TX, US)

I was in an accident 2 weeks ago. My car was undriveable (wheel damage). It happened on a Sunday and there insurance accepted fault till Friday...stating that they couldn't contact there policy holder.

I asked for a rental car and they said that they pay $15 per day and the car rental has to be paid by me then i get reimbursed at this rate. I didn't have the money to pay it on my own so i never got a rental car.

I did go to a rental place but there cheapest vehicle was at around 17.00 a day and was a tiny vehicle (from accident) is a full size car (chevy impala)...

Coupled with the higher rate to rent and having no money didn't rent a car....My question is am i entitled for any rental car money as in $15 per diem for the time i didn't have a vehicle? Texas policy.


Hello Cristobal,

You are entitled to a comparable rental car… That would be a full size car. Some insurance companies are really bad about paying what they owe. Contact the Texas department of insurance and ask them exactly what kind of rental you are entitled total loss

Remember that you are not bound by any policy because you were hit by a third party. There is no contractual obligation for you, so you must be reimburse 100% for your damages.

I hope this helps,

Good Luck,

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