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Car Theft | Being accused of Fraud

(Chicago, Illinois)

Hi, my car was stolen more than 3 months ago and currently I am under investigation. I was out of town when that happened and I proved it.

My friend was using the car and equipment before the theft. Insurance company thinks it was either him or I told him to do it which is bogus!!!!

How long do they have to investigate without presenting me whit anything that would prove I have something to do with it?



Well, a fraudulent claim is serious. It could take up to two months if not more. SUI (special unit investigation) will try to collect evidence and then if enough, turn in into the police.

If there is not enough evidence, they can decline to turn it into the police, but they can still flag you - which will make it very difficult to get insurance. Also, they can decline to pay the claim.

You are better off by finding an attorney.

Good Luck,

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