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Car theft insurance offered ridiciouls amount

by Dave

My girl friends car was stolen . and the car was almost new condition well the insurance company said they will send her a check for the car and the amount is not even at average $ for a car in its condition , What are her options??

The car is a classic 1985 Porsche, not a show car but very nice ???


Hello Dave,

There is no question that you need to prepare yourself (or her) to a big debate. Insurance companies will try to offer you as little as they can. They will try to get you comps outside you local market or for vehicles that are not even in the same ball park.

If there is not a market for something, then you can get out of your local market to see what values you would get. The insurance company will present to you a "CCC" report for her vehicle.

This is a report that list all the vehicles that are similar or in the same condition as yours. Since the car was stolen, there is no way for them to say that the car as not in "good condition" unless there is evidence of that. If you have in excellent condition, try to document that (by pictures, testimony, etc).

Be sure to check for tips and how to get a better value for your car.

Good Luck,

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