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Car total loss questions

by Joe

I was recently in an accident with my car which was on a lease. The accident was not my fault. The other person's insurance company is accepting the liability.

I understand they are going to offer me the market value for my car. I have gap insurance that will cover the difference of what I am offered and what I owe the car company. Since leases are no longer possible with the car manufacturer, I will have to buy my replacement.

It is going to be considerably more money for me to get the same car and have the option of returning the car as would have been my option with the lease. I have an idea to present to the insurance company that I think would be fair.

It would probably cost about $5,500 to the insurance company. This idea would put me back in a car that would allow me the same options that were available for me before the accident. By the way, my wife and two daughter were also in the car at the time of the accident. All three of them were taken by ambulance to the hospital.

No major injuries but some back spasms, sprain ankle, and some neck pain have been experience within the first week of the accident. Can I expect the insurance company to consider my idea for assistance on the replacement car? Thank you in advance for your response.


You hit the nail right on the head. Your argument is very sound, however, the insurance company will not allow for any damages or expenses to find a replacement vehicle. As you noted, the objective of insurance is to put you back on the position you were before the accident. How are they achieving that the total loss of your lease vehicle?

You had a good vehicle (the one you liked), with a good payment, with good terms, interest, etc. Now, they will leave you with no vehicle. Sure, they will pay for lease contract, but they will not help you getting a car. They will only allow for a rental car for about three days (depending on your state) and then leave you on your own.

This is very unfair and why I am a big proponent of insurance reform. Your situation clearly shows how someone is put in a position that is not even comparable to the situation they were before, even with full coverage insurance and two insurance companies covering the loss.

The one option you have is to hold your own the total loss dispute. I suggest you get this eBook, it is inexpensive and can show you how to get a better settlement. Visit: for more information.

You have several injury claims at hand. The fact that they went to the emergency room shows that they were injured (even if is smalls bumps and scratches). They will owe you (each of you) compensation for pain and suffering and other damages. See more at:

Good Luck,

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