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Car vs pedestrian accident

by Milly

Not sure what to do, if anything. 17 year old son bumped an elementary child with his car, causing the child to fall down and skin his knee.

My son was turning right and the child crossed in front of his car while my son was looking left to see when he could pull out into traffic.

Child's father was watching and he called 911. paramedics showed up and checked the child out, said he was okay. firetruck shows up too.

Highway patrol shows up and does not give my son a ticket, just a "driver exchange of information" form. HP tells my son, maybe you should call your insurance co. Father of boy says he will take his son to family doctor as well.

I'm not sure what if anything we should do now. we will not be making an insurance claim (no damage to vehicle). I don't know if the boys family will contact his insurance or ours.I don't know who will be billed for the paramedics/firetruck.

I would like to call the family and ask how the boy is, but am hesitant to do so. Any insights or suggestions would be welcomed.BTW-we are in Florida and are requesting a copy of the accident report Thank you


Hi Milly,

You need to report this to your insurance company. Most insurance policies cover pedestrians as first parties (meaning no fault required). So it is likely that your insurance company will pay for the medical bills.

This can also help you in case the parents of the child want to go after your because of the injuries caused. Your insurance will be able to protect you (or your son) and provide a defense if you need one. Reporting this type of claim timely is very important.

I hope this helps some.

Good Luck,

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