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Car was stolen and was involved in accident

by selene
(pasco, wa usa)

Hi, my car was taking with out permission by teenage boys, they hit a ladies car, my car does not have insurance only thru the loan and gap insurance. Is the kid who was driving responsible in paying for the other persons car and mine as well. I do not want to press charges for stilling the car.

My car was pronounced total loss. since the damages where more than what i owe on the loan I don't get any money back. What can I do.


Hello Selene,

Well, you have some decisions to make. The kids who stole your car is responsible for the damages. If you do not file charges, his insurance (or his parents) might not cover you. You are not responsible to the others party for their damages as you were not directly at fault, unless you gave permission or are negligent in anyway.

You say you have insurance through your loan company? You might want to double check with them to see what kind of insurance you have. Having Gap insurance will be great if your car is worth less than you owe and you have other insurance policy covering you.

Really at this point, your best shot is to contact your lender and see what insurance you have through them. Note, some lenders do pay for insurance but they insure the bank and not you!

In any event, you really need to contact the police and have a police report filed. Not doing so can leave you without any coverage at all.

Also consider buying this eBook when dealing with the total loss.

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Good Luck,

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